Crystal Stickers for Laptops and shiny surfaces

Welcome to DecoSticks - leading the way in wall stickers, wall decals and surface graphics

DecoSticks wall stickers lead the way in contemporary design-led living, combining clean, sharp designs with bold and modern colour schemes. They're the ultimate in wall graphics and the quickest and simplest way to revolutionise the look of your rooms. Once applied, DecoSticks wall stickers have the unique look and feel of high-gloss, painted-on designs.

Our new CrystalSticks crystal stickers, are the perfect way to customise lap tops, windows and mirrors in seconds and give you the freedom to change your look as often as you like.

Now bedrooms, nurseries, living spaces and offices can all be transformed in a matter of minutes. DecoSticks last for years, but are designed to be applied and removed without damaging the paintwork so you can try as many looks as you want, whenever you want...

PLEASE NOTE! We do not sell seconds. All our wall sticker designs are hand drawn by us, then manufactured to the highest standards. We dont sell the old cuttings from the floor... like some of our competitors. Remember: DecoSticks Wall Stickers are BIG - AND you get 3 sheets per pack.

Here is just a brief selection of our wall sticker collection:

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